\\ Build KHOR II at Cultura Nova, Heerlen

\\ August 30th 10.00 o’clock the mayor of Heerlen opens KHOR II at Festival Cultura Nova 2014. Appearing as a monumental building kit on the town square KHOR II takes the idea of Do-It-Yourself theatre to the next level. The local community can build this small theatre over the course of one day and use it as a theatre, a discussion platform and a meeting place. But above all it functions as a theatre play linking architectural and social positions to dramatic characters.

KHOR II addresses issues regarding the sharing of knowledge, resources and responsibility and evokes a new sense of direct democracy.

\ Winner of the 2014 Dioraphte Award.

\ Partners: Stichting SoAP, Festival Cement, Festival Boulevard, Cultura Nova, C/O

\ Funded by: Performing Arts Fund NL


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