\\ HALL33 for TAAT

HALL33 is a building that is a theater play and a theater play that is a building.

HALL33 takes the idea of architecture as theater to its extreme by presenting a sequence of spaces, in which subtle and abrupt shifts of size, feel, sound and light draw two participants along a journey of anticipation, frustration, claustrophobic crisis, discovery and dramatic unfolding. Once lost in this ‘spatial dramaturgy’, one’s direct relationship to the other participant is up for continual re-negotiation.

HALL01 is the first in a series of 32 sub-projects that lead up to HALL33. Each sub-project addresses subjects connected with HALL33, that with each HALL increase in complexity to ultimately come together in the building that is a theater play.

TAAT approaches the development and design of HALL01 to HALL33 as a social endeavor that aims to connect people, artists, companies and organizations on a local and international level. By constantly finding ways to open up the design process for dialogue with the community, through workshops, presentations and other incorporated projects, both a strong foundation in and a connection with that community is created.

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