\\ Opening HALL02, Köln

\\ HALL02 is the second in the series of 32 sub projects that work towards the building that is a theatre play and the theatre play that is a building (HALL33). HALL02 will be presented at St.Michaelskirche am Brüsselerplatz in Cologne (DE). During the Festival Theaterszene Europa TAAT brought together local architects and theatre makers to work on the theme of Initiation. This two day workshop started at the church for a first series of interventions, a meeting with Pfarrer Bussmann, a lecture by Dutch theatre maker Roos van Geffen and a presentation and workshop by Dutch theatre  maker Emke Idema.

\ Context: Season Opening Studiobühneköln and Theaternacht Köln
\ Location: St.Michaelskirche am Brüsselerplatz, Cologne (DE).

\ Time: September 19th- October 3rd 2014, from 12.00 until 19.00 o’clock;  Theaternacht October 2nd 20.00 until 00.00 o’clock

\ Partners: Studiobühneköln, Art&Amen, Planproject, Theaternacht Köln and TAKT/ Dommelhof.

\ Production: Stichting SoAP

\ Funded by: Creative Industries Fund NL and Provincie Limburg

\ Photography: Zenka Photography

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