\\ P like Politics, P like Parrots

\ Artist: Eleni Kamma (CY/GR/NL)

\ Venue: Museum Alex Mylona, Athens (GR)

\ Fotos: Rebecca Constantopoulou & Fanis Vlastaras

\ “P like Politics, P like Parrots”, curated by Denys Zacharopoulos and Alexios Papazacharias and produced by Eleni Kamma in collaboration with the Museum Alex Mylona – MMCA. The installation presented has been specifically developed for the Museum Alex Mylona – MMCA in collaboration with Belgian architect Breg Horemans and is accompanied by a special edition-200 copies only-catalogue designed by Salome Schmuki.

\ Eleni Kamma’s solo exhibition, “P like Politics, P like Parrots”, is the first part of a trilogy investigating possible and manifested contemporary European notions of common place created at the crossroads of music and architectural practices. Kamma examines the notion of spectacle in spaces of production such as the Lijnbaankwartier, the back stages of Architecture Museum in Stockholm, or public spaces like the piazalle Michelangelo in Florence. Through folding and unfolding gestures in emblematic places and spaces, a series of paradoxical hypotheses and strange identification experiments develop in her latest videos, drawings, and objects. Each result of these experiments verifies a hypothesis, which enables the creation of relations that reveal hidden common ground between different models and systems in Kamma’s work.

p-like-parrot-1 p-like-parrot-2 p-like-parrot-4 p-like-parrot-5

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