\\ Scenography EXHIBIT for Suze Milius (HCYT), Maastricht

\\ Suze Milius often creates wordless, colorfull and imaginary worlds which are alienating and poetic. Places where people relate to space and to each other, where someone ‘coincidentally’ happens to be. in EXHIBIT two worlds coincide: on one hand the museum’s white cube and on the other the theatre’s black box. EXHIBIT’s goal is to slowly let the audience evolve from a viewer on an artwork to a spectator on a theatrical performance.

\\ Period: During Tefaf Festival, 13th to 22nd of March 2015

\\ Concept: Suze Milius

\\ Producer: Stichting SoAP


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Festival Cement - Suze MIlius - Exhibit - © Saris & den Engelsman

FestivalCement - © Saris & den Engelsman

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