\\ Spatial design for Dying Together, a performance by Third Space/Lotte van den Berg

\\ Dying Together is a performance that investigates how people relate to each other in space. The audience is invited to take part in three constellations in which large groups of people died together. From a Lufthansa flight that got crashed into the French alps, to a fishing boat carrying refugees near the island of Lampedusa, to the attack at Bataclan in Paris. The subtle spatial design makes the connections visible and lights up small gestures, relations in movements and facilitates an atmosphere of involvement.

\ Concept: Lotte van den Berg

\ Light design: Vinny Jones

\ Photography: Salih Kilic


Salih_Kilic_0195-1240x814 Salih_Kilic_0197-1200x801 Salih_Kilic_0228-1200x1799