\\ Tandem Europe – kick-off for Playground

\\ PlayGround is a collaborative project between TAAT and BOW Arts (London, UK), which originated from a mutual entry in the TANDEM Europe program (MitOst Berlin and ECF) in Milan (October 2015). In 2016 TAAT and BOW Arts are developing PlayGround as a pilot project with London based primary schools and arts professionals.

\\ PlayGround is a DIT (Do-It-Together) Theatre Toolkit that mediates on the level of organisations, education and society. It aims to connect players with different backgrounds to work together and cocreate throught a workshop method with a human scale building kit.

\\ PlayGround works on three distinctive levels. On an organisation level it triggers teamplayers to renegotiate their role in a team through experimenting their spatial (dis-)positions. On a education level It mediates between children, teachers, artists and even parents, to redefine the position of artistic research in a non-hierarchical and cocreative way. On the level of society PlayGround can be an activist installation that brings together different public players to discuss their roles in the public realm through art as a mediator.

\\ Development period: February – December 2016

\\ Local coordinator: Lydia Ashman (BOW Arts)

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