\\ Queen Sheba and the Japo-Swedish bathing ritual, Maastricht

\ In the Sint-Pieter area in the historical town of Maastricht, the van Steekelenburg family owns a beautiful ‘30 house, with several art deco features including a staircase with different colors of wood. Influences of Japanese simplicity and horizontality as seen in the houses of Frank Lloyd Wright are very lively present. We started wandering around in these thoughts of purety, untill a straightforward idea came up.

\ The existing situation contained two seperate rooms. One was the existing bathroom, the other one a washing room. The lack of storage clearly showed off in the amount of clutter spread in the space.

\ A small wooden roof extension was added to contain the bath. A skylight, projected from the bath on the ceiling floods the bathroom with light. The overlap of the ‘roof chapel’ is the base for a cupboard volume.

\ Client: Jeroen van Steekelenburg en Els Roobroeck




JM_Badkamer_Maastricht_008 shema'sJM_Badkamer_Maastricht_004

japans bad

JM_Badkamer_Maastricht_010  JM_Badkamer_Maastricht_019






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